Friday, February 24, 2006

Alias Dinosaurs

The year is 1972 and the Rock & Roll Doctor is only 12 years old but even then he has his ears tuned in to the odd, the different and something that wasn't Glam Rock ! so he purchases this classic from his local Woolworths.
Later on of course the R&RD was to realise that the track was written by Jona Lewie and his band mates on the recording were actually Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts. The Thunderbolts toured with Derek & The Dominoes - I wonder if they played this to EC at the time.

Seaside Shuffle - For Your Pleasure

Down on the coast way past the town of Crawley;Where the breeze blows and the air tastes of the sea

All recordings are for your audio pleasure but if you want this audio withdrawn for copyright infringement please leave a comment and I will do so.


The shaduf de ma Tante said...

What does that tantalising note on the end of this song herald, I wonder

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Yes,interesting noise at the end there. It sounds like a possible bowel movement or perhaps as is more likely a badly 'twanged' guitar on the beginning of another song.