Saturday, March 11, 2006

Country Songs for country folks.............

The Rock & Roll Doctor is back - rejoice, rejoice I hear you cry.
This was a 1962 single released on Do-Ra-Me records. I know absolutely nothing about Mr Turner but this track was originally found on an Ace Records compilation ' El Primitivo American Rock 'N' Roll & Rockabilly', it is also to be found in the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame 'Legends List' (a rather long and tedious list to be truthful).
The track was a hit though for Carl Smith and according to music history he was a singer who performed 'straight ahead country songs' perhaps we could find a singer who cornered the record market in 'slighty looking back over the shoulder and then to the right country songs' !!. He was also known as 'Country Gentlemen' so he liked the odd sobriquet.
Houston Turner - For Your Pleasure

'Well, I got on my watch and my gold diamond ring - Got on my new suit of brown - I'm sittin' on your doorstep crying for your love - I'm the best dressed beggar in town'.

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