Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Southern Wonders - The Rare Soul Man

So now for something a little more serious but still seriously obsure. It's time to introduce a little soul into the Emporium and so today I have searched the archive to retrieve this track by Vernon Garrett. He is a journeyman soul singer of the old school. Issued on Kent Records in 1967 'Shine it On' is a superb funky effort made by the man who briefly joined the gospel group The Swan Silvertones before leaving to join the army. When he returned he then recorded as a duo with his wife Jewel but after a few years together she was to die tragically from cancer. His career stopped, he drank and drifted for many years (sounds like the Rock & Roll Doctor here !). Anyway he still managed to bang out some great soul along the way.

Shine It On - For Your Pleasure

Check out his other Northern Soul Classic - 'If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time' - which is a sentiment that might come in handy on occasions if we could.....................

All recordings are for your audio pleasure only but if you are offended by the material or want the audio segment removed then please leave a comment on the relevant post and I will remove it.

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The shaduf de ma Tante said...

"Drank and drafited for many years!!" Is that what I'm doing now!? Good song though.