Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Art & Artie

Barnes & Barnes aka Robert Haimer & Bill Mumy are a musical comeday duo supposedly based in a mythological country called Lumania when in reality they are just two American odd balls . The track was released in 1979 and appeared on their first album 'Voobaha' in 1980. It was aired on Saturday Night Live the same year and I seem to remember the video on the OGWT around the same time it may even have caused Bob Harris to smile which wasn't always a pleasant viewing experience. The sound is like Pinky & Perky meets The Chipmunks but probably is all the better for it.
Fish Heads - For Your Pleasure
Fact No.1 & Fact No. 2
Apparently the fish head is commonly removed before eating. Fish Head curry is a popular dish in Singapore (unlike chewing gum)
'Fish Heads, Fish Heads - Roly Poly Fish Heads - Fish Heads, Fish Heads - Eat Them Up , Yum.
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