Thursday, March 23, 2006

Corporation Cleansing Department

With this post I have managed to deliver a track from this quite obscure American country/power pop band of the early 1980's namely Dumptruck. Not a great name particularly but they were college radio favourites in the US and had a minor hit in their local Boston area with this single which can also be found on their 1987 lp 'For The Country' which is still deleted at the moment but can be found here in the NRE. Taking dumptruck as a good reference point I can then ramble on about the forgotten TV sitcom 'The Dustbinmen' scripted by Jack Rosenthal. The first episode and subsequent series went straight to the top of the ratings in 1969. It starred Bryan Pringle as 'Cheese And Egg' and Trevor Bannister (of future Mr Lucas fame) as 'Heavy Breathing'. Other characters included 'Smellie Ibbotson' & 'Bloody Delilah' played by Mr Barrowclough himself .... Brian Wilde in the second and third series, yes it did last that long.

Dumptruck - Going Nowhere.mp3
'No One Listens anyway - It's just a waste of time'

'Pigging' - used as an expletive in the programme but by today's standards, rather tame

All recordings are for your audio pleasure only but if you are offended by the material or want the audio segment removed then please leave a comment on the relevant post and I will remove it.

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