Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm A Plymouth Dealer, A Dealing Man

The Barracudas formed in London sometime around 1977 and were led by Canadian Jeremy Gluck who was a writer on the weekly music mag 'Sounds'. The band named themselves after an old 60's garage band track by The Standells. They signed to EMI who revived the vintage label Zonophone for their early singles. This track appeared on the first album 'Drop Out The Barracudas' in 1980 and was also released as a single.
On the back cover of the LP it carried this small endorsement -
4 Great Guys: 3 Great Chords: 14 Great Songs !.
The novelty of this post other than being a wonderful surfing track is that the intro is an excerpt from an American 1960's radio advert for a Plymouth Barracuda (not a car to be easily found on the streets of GB) . Enjoy

Well it ain't Barracuda man but I think we got a hit record !

Trawling the internet I also found you can view this track on video when The Barracudas played Top Of The Pops in August 1980- mime away.

Summer Fun - For Your Pleasure

The Barracudas-Summer Fun.mp3

'I Can't Pronounce Baccaruda !'

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The shaduf de ma Tante said...

I've got this single. Superb. Was the opening bit a real advert? I'd like to think so.