Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hersham Boys - Lace Up Boots And Corduroys

Sham 69 were a punk band from Hersham, Surrey the working class neighbour to the the much posher London suburb of Walton On Thames. They brought the chorus style chanting of the football terraces to their songs at a time when football violence was almost an everyday occurence at matches. The band were often wrongly associated with the National Front. 'Hurry Up Harry' was their second top ten single in 1978. They released an album the same year titled 'That's Life' which the Rock & Roll Doctor assumes was named after the massively popular BBC TV series of the time . Maybe it was a punk homage to Esther Rantzen & also Cyril Fletcher (punk poet and armchair pundit famous for the punk rock cry of 'Pin back your lug 'oles' every Saturday night)

Altogether now viewers, let's sing along with Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey - We're going down the pub..............................

Hurry Up Harry - For Your Pleasure

'Now listen here Harry - If we're going down the pub - You'd better tell your mum and dad - And finish up your grub'

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The shaduf de ma Tante said...

Great record. You didn't do the story of how the name came about: Walton & Hersham FA Trophy Winners 1969 written on a bog wall. Expect you knew that though.

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Yes - I did know that