Sunday, April 02, 2006

Alehouse Rock

The Sid Presley Experience lasted from 1983 to early 1985. This was part of their first 45' a double A-side with the instrumental track 'Public Enemy No 1'. The band split and the Coyne Brothers formed the Godfathers whilst the guitarist and drummer formed the less well known Unholy Trinity.
The Godfathers weren't exactly Pub Rock as they were heavier with a psychedelic influence. During the 1980's they cut a menacing look and were a fierce outfit on stage where they were poles apart from the new romantic poseurs of the day.
They were anti-Thatcher and recorded the anthemic 'Birth School Work Death' LP. Their line-up changed over the years but the Coyne brothers remained constant until they finally pulled the plug in 2000.

The Sid Presley Experience - Hup Two Three Four.mp3

'Never again because I won't no more - Be forced to do what I done before - I've had all that I can take of it - Tired of doing it for the sake of it - There has to be a break from it'.

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