Thursday, April 06, 2006

Allons Cajun Rock 'N' Roll

This track arrived in the NRE via an old Charlie Gillett compilaton on Oval Records, Kennington titled 'Another Saturday Night' - 16 Cajun & Louisiana Juke-box hits.
You can find Johnnie's version of this Chuck Berry song on Side 2 track no3. It differs slightly from Chuck's original as Johnnie sang two less verses and made minor changes to the lyrics .
Charlie later released it as a single and in 1978 it even made the London Capital Radio's top ten but had been kept out of the main charts by an earlier Elvis Presley version. Johnnie was an ex-teacher who was an ambassador for Swamp Pop and Southern Louisiana culture he has had two books published that document the history of 'Cajun Country' but nothing he did before or since will beat this two minutes plus of classic swamp pop.

Johnnie Allan - Promised Land.mp3

'Workin’ on a t-bone steak a la carte flying over to the golden state - The pilot told me in thirteen minutes we’d be landing at the terminal gate - Slow down chariot, come down easy taxi to the terminal zone - Cut your engines, cool your wings annd let me make it to the telephone - Los Angeles give me Norfolk Virginia, Tidewater four ten o nine - Tell the folks back home this is the promised land callin’ and the poor boy’s on the line'

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Agree about this. A cracker of a short single.