Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Got a crazy pad down in Borneo

Oh dear, I never said everything would be easy listening here in the NRE or that I would post a Led Zep track once a week.
So now that I have maybe prepared you for something a little bit 'out there' I can introduce you to........... Arch Hall Jr. a smiling, blonde, pompadoured failed sixties teen idol.
Arch starred in a few 1960's Drive-In B movies directed by his father Arch Hall Snr. Another Ed Wood of American cinema 'old' Arch made films with such fabulous titles as Eegah (a tale of cavemen in modern American) or others such as 'The Wild Guitar' or 'The Choppers' ( a gang of car thieves in search of choppable hot-rods to sell to unscrupulous garage owners, a bit like an early episode of Minder !). It was in the film 'The Choppers' that Arch Jnr. sang two of his own compositions Konga Joe & Monkey In My Hat Band. Now if Arch really gets you interested try checking out his collected 1959-1964 works titled most impressively 'Wild Guitar' on New York's Norton Records label.
I won't even begin to discuss the Hall boys other classic from 1965 - 'The Nasty Rabbit'.

Arch Hall Jr. - Konga Joe.mp3

'Pigmy village party do the jungle rock - Baboons laughing in the tree tops tall - Shrieking and a grinning and a havin' a ball'

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top tune!!!
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