Monday, April 17, 2006

Naughty Rhythms

Welcome to the world of London Pub Rock in the early 1970's.
Every night at the Hope & Anchor, Islington, The Tally Ho, Kentish Town and The Kensington, Olympia (all incidentally were Watneys pubs !) you can see such fine bands as Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers, Roogalator, Bees Make Honey, Eggs Over Easy, Brinsley Schwarz and this mob, Ducks Deluxe.
This track is from their 1973 self titled first LP. They were named after an amusement arcade machine found at the time in the Severn Bridge Service Station.
'Time Out' magazine even championed them as the 'New Rolling Stones' and they appeared on the OGWT. The Ducks were always at the forefront of the pub scene and they released another album straight after called 'Taxi To The Terminal Zone'.
The band disbanded as early as 1975 and most of the band found some further notoriety
Sean Tyla (formed The Tyla Gang and signed to Stiff Records), Nick Garvey (formed the Motors and had some chart success with 'Dancing The Night Away & 'Airport'). Bob Andrews and Martin Belmont moved on to work alongside Graham Parker in the Rumour.
For further information and a cracking good read checkout Will Birch's book 'No Sleep Till Canvey Island'.
Note: Doesn't this track owe a big debt to Lou Reed's 'Sweet Jane'.

Ducks Deluxe - Fireball.mp3

' I caught a midnight freight - The driver had to wait - He got my head real jammed ? - Driver be damned'

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