Saturday, April 01, 2006

He'd Be A Diamond

Somewhere towards the back end of the NRE you can find rows and rows of shelves full of wondrous oddities and forgotten musical gems. One artist who has a shelf all to himself is Nick Saloman aka The Bevis Frond.
When you play any 'Frond' LP or CD you hear hints of folk rock, loads of 60's psychedelia and heavy rock with a pinch of English whimsy. Any artist who can name an album after a major London trunk road as in 'North Circular', will always be popular with the Rock & Roll Doctor. This particular track comes from his 1990 double sided opus 'New River Head'. Described by Nick himself in the CD reissue liner notes as a loose tribute to the lost rivers of London. In the humble opinion of the R&RD when looking back at his career I feel this album was his greatest moment. Track timings and the great volume of his recorded work have restricted me to this one offering. I find it easy to wax lyrical about the Frond or more engagingly 'The Bevis Font' as an ex girlfriend used to say.

The Bevis Frond - Down In The Well.mp3

'George, another pint of winter warmer - See the bubbles rising'

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The shaduf de ma Tante said...

New to me. Like it. Sounds a little up my alley.