Wednesday, March 29, 2006

If Yoy Want Me You Can Find Me

Ah, time to dip into the obscure and varied world of 60's US Garage/Frat rock. This post is from a garage band who released two singles on the Ardent label in Memphis sometime between 1964-1966. The band had been originally called Bobby & The Originals but this was not deemed 'original enough' so the group came up firstly with Lawson and Something but this changed once again into Lawson and Four More. It was the B side on their first release (see above).

The track can be found on 'A History Of Garage Rock And Frat Bands Vol 2' (see above). One of the members of the group who moved onto greater things was Terry Manning whose later career was to be the sound engineer/producer for artists such as George Thorogood and on many ZZ Top albums. Don't forget to handclap !

'I was told long ago - That you reap just what you sow'

Lawson And Four More - Back For More.mp3

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