Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Trad, Dad

Oh No ! not 'Trad Jazz Dad' I hear you cry. Well yes and no is my reply.This single by Acker (real name Bernard) Bilk & The Paramount Jazz Band was issued on Columbia Records in 1960 reaching #7 in the charts. The song's most popular version is sung by Dean Martin but I really 'dig' this effort and discovered it years ago hiding in a pile of my father's old 45's. Acker taught himself the clarinet during his National Service and he enjoyed a string of hits from 1959-1962. With his trademark goatee, bowler hat and striped waistcoat he was a popular figure on TV alongside fellow jazz leader Kenny Ball. Acker continues to play today and I really enjoy singing along with the band everytime it lands my turntable.
Acker also starred in the 1962 Richard Lester film 'Its Trad, Dad' - Billed as the newest, most frantic fad! - a jazzed-up, mixed-up musical that's got "trad", dad!. The plot summary is about a hero and heroine who want to popularize trad jazz in their town. Some older people feel displeased about a trad jazz and try to prevent this !!!
It starred Helen Shapiro as Helen (imaginative), Arthur Mullard as Police Chief (plainly insane), Derek Nimmo as a head waiter (interesting), Frank Thornton as a TV director (early Capt Peacock role) and amazingly Deryck Guyler was the narrator which makes it now a definite 'must see' at the NRE.
Typically when released in the USA it was re-named 'Ring-A-Ding Rhythm (I despair)

Acker Bilk & The Paramount Jazz Band - Buona Sera.mp3

'In the morning signorina we'll go walking - Where the mountains help the sun come in to sight - And by the little jewelry shop we'll stop and linger -While I buy a wedding ring for your finger'

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