Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm A Happy Boy - Hubba Hubba Hubba

This is the first track and also the first single from the album
' Tales Of The New West' by San Diego's Beat Farmers released in the UK by Demon Records in 1985.
The Beat Farmers were key participants in the American Trad-Rock Renaissance that happened in the early 1980's. Alongside others such as Green On Red, The Long Ryders, Los Lobos and Jason & The Scorchers they toured and blazed a trail that had music critics fawning and British fans excited by their tremendous live shows and fine musicianship with the added veneer of hard drinking good old boys.
Led by a brute of a drummer called Country Dick Montana who sung in a ridiculous deep voice, he would always manage to contribute an awful novelty country song on every album.
The jubilant 'Bigger Stones' was written by Paul Kamanski who never played in the band but wrote songs on their first two albums alongside guitarists Buddy Blue and Jerry Raney.
Tragically as seems often be the case in most hard drinking Rock 'n' Roll bands two of the original members are both now dead.
Country Dick died onstage in 1995 of a heart attack and Buddy Blue passed away on April 2 this year also from a heart attack. 'Tales of The New West' was re-released in an expanded version last year on CD and includes their storming version of Neil Young's ' Powderfinger'.

'It seems like we rolled Bigger Stones back then'
The Beat Farmers - Bigger Stones

'Sometimes I wanna fall asleep and die off in a dream - The music takes me back to my own past when I was young and feeling mean'

Buddy Blue R.I.P

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