Friday, May 05, 2006

Bridlington Fisherman's Song

Well NRE fans I shall now dip our ears into the world of cover versions and British Folk music in one mighty stroke.
In the late 1980's I heard a track on the Andy Kershaw Radio show by fiddler Jim Eldon. Andy actually played two tracks if I remember correctly and I recorded them both. Sometime later I purchased Jim's cassette 'The Brid Fiddler'. On it was this cover version of Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark'. The difference between Bruce's and Jim's versions was that Jim played the fiddle and the vocals were strictly East Yorkshire not East Bronx. Jim had also added lyrics with a timely critique of the old Thatcher government.
Jim used to (and perhaps still does) work on the pleasure boats at Bridlington entertaining both the locals and visitors alike whilst playing the local folk clubs and pubs.
This track also found it's way onto the LP 'More Great Moments of Vinyl History' on Wrasse Records a second release seventeen years after Andy Kershaw's original compilation.

Jim Eldon - Dancing In The Dark.mp3

'Working for the grocers daughter - I just can't feel proud of myself - We came like lambs to the slaughter - Now we're just stuck upon the shelf'.

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