Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Had A Good Mother And Father

Carrying on in the slighty eccentric cover version mode of the previous post I have decided to introduce everyone to Will Oldham. He is an American from Louisville, Kentucky who can be variously described as a singer, singer-songwriter and minor actor.
He now records under the name Bonnie 'Prince ' Billy and is greatly regarded by the music media as an oddball who flirts in and out of the Alt-Country/Americana scene.
He has previously recorded as Palace, Palace Music and The Palace Brothers. The Palace Brothers re-working of the traditional folk song 'Loch Tay Boat Song' into the 'Ohio River Boat Song' in 1992 has always been regarded highly by the R&R Doctor and his original 7" has been on the NRE turntable many times. Also included below is the original New Musical Express singles review that caused me to purchase the record over 10 years ago. It is too small for you to read but I quote from the last sentence 'Kill to find this single'.
The track has been issued on the LP 'Lost Blues And Other Songs' by Palace Music in 1997.

Palace Brothers - Ohio River Boat Song.mp3

'Catarina your lovely hair, has more beauty I declare than all the tresses there from Smoketown to Oldham County.
Be they black, red, gold or brown, let them hang to lengths below. They mean not as much to me, as a melting flake of snow.'

All recordings are for your audio pleasue only but if you are offended by the material or want the audio segment removed then please leave a comment on the relevant post and I will remove it.

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