Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jesus Of Cool

This track was orginally released as a 7"on Stiff Records (BUY1 14/8/76) so it is just under 30 years old but still sounds brilliant even today.
Produced by Nick Lowe and Jake Riviera it was the first ever Stiff !. Recorded as a publisher's demo for £45 all-in, Nick played all the instruments except the drums. An instant classic, rapidly selling out it's original pressing, the single with (B-Side Heart Of The City) heralded the start of the great British Indie label boom. Of course before all this Nick had previously been in Kippington Lodge then the rather more successful pub rock outfit Brinsley Schwarz before going solo first as a producer then as a singer/songwriter/bass player. Nick later married into the Cash family and wrote the classic 'Beast In Me' for his father-in-law Johnny.
In 1992 his song "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding" was covered by Curtis Stigers on the soundtrack album to 'The Bodyguard' movie. The album then sold over 15 million copies worldwide, because Lowe received royalties from these sales, he suddenly found himself a millionaire not bad for a crap film was it !
Recommended listening includes '16 All-Times Lowes' which includes his best hit singles then the trilogy of albums released from 1994 to 2001 'The Impossible Bird', 'Dig My Mood' & 'The Convincer'. All superb examples of the underated craft of 3 -4 minute pop songs. Staff at the NRE have yet to see Nick play live so if your reading this Mr Lowe please get in touch.

Nick Lowe - So It Goes.mp3

'I remember the night the kid cut off his right arm
In a fit to save a bit of power
He got fifty thousand watts
In a big acoustic tower
Security's so tight tonight
Oh they're ready for a tussle
Gotta keep your backstage passes
'Cause your promoter had the muscle'

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