Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do It Like A Dog - Woof Woof

Well, I have thought long and hard about this posting not because it's particularly rude but when you listen carefully and you really do have to concentrate through the whole song you get the general idea that it is obviously about a sexual position. The dog is the most intelligible voice on this recording apart from that odd croaking frog and Dean himself. I am indebted to Otis Fodder whose UBU website contains this mp3 under his entry for January 21st. Little is known about Mr Milan other than a homemade compilation known as 'Phattest Jams'. It is rumoured that maybe old Deano was trying to launch his music career so one has to understand that this recording was not trying to be comical but is a sincere attempt to break into the big time, well thanks to the wonders of the internet he probably has. The Rock & Roll Doctor does give his blessing to those who can't manage to play this all the way to the end !!

Dean Milan - For Your Pleasure

The pictures above are my representation of what this 'wonderful' music maker might look like - no offence is intended Dean.

For further info on Otis Fodder please go to

'The only way to do it is to do it like a dog'

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