Thursday, March 16, 2006

Somewhere between heaven and Tesco's

So back to normality for today's post. This underated hit reached the Top 30 in 1980. The band had begun as 'Guns For Hire' but after little success they changed their name to Department S the same as the TV series of which 28 episodes were shown between 1969-1970..

Dept S were led by frontman Vaughn Toulouse and the band persuaded Jake Riviera to release this their first single on his Demon Records label. It was single of the week in Sounds but future hits proved elusive and talented lyricist Vaughn was to die of an aids-related illness in 1991. All their singles and some live tracks can be found on the album 'Sub-Stance'.

The TV series starred 1970's sex god Peter Wyngarde as Jason King the main storyline to each episode was that when a case proved too baffling for the minds of Interpol they turned to the crime fighting talents of Dept S who were led by Sir Curtis Seretse (pronounced.. ?). The sexy Jason King character was so succesful it quickly led to a spin-off series of the same name

Dept S - Is Vic There ?

'I hear ringing in the air - So I answer the phone
A voice comes over clear - Say, is Vic there ?'

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