Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday Night At The London Palladium

I first heard this track on a LP called 'Greasy Rock 'N' Roll Volume One' subtitled 16 Oily Rockers. I paid £2.50 and suddenly discovered Freddie Starr's best moment in showbusiness. Freddie (Fowell) Starr was lead singer in The Midnighters from 1962-1964 when they released 3 records on the Decca label and they all failed to dent the charts. I think in retrospect and considering some of the dross that did make the charts this track was a lost gem of early British R&B. In the 2 mins 30 seconds that it lasts we hear two short guitar solos so awful and so reminiscent of the Bonzos guitar solo parody in their track 'In the Canyons of Your Mind' plus one very average drum fill.........
Freddie as everyone knows went on to become a major celebrity but his first TV success came on the ITV show 'Who Do You Do ?'. This was a show of non-stop impressionism and Freddie was the top man with impressions ranging from Elvis to Max Wall, Norman Wisdom and sometimes the wrestler Adrian Street (remember him grapple fans !). 'Who Do you Do ?' ran for five series and has a lot to answer for as it provided early TV exposure to Dustin Gee, Little & Large and even more regrettably Michael Barrymore...oh dear.

The Liner notes on the LP are written by someone know as Norman Nobollocks.

Freddie Starr & The Midnighters - Peter Gunn Locomotion.mp3

'You move your feet and let your body do the motion - C'mon Peter Gunn let's have some fun'

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