Sunday, March 26, 2006

They're Lovely, They're All Fresh In Today

It's nostalgia time today as we go back to the time when 78's ruled the musical earth. This was issued on Decca by Billy Cotton & His Band featuring Alan Breeze & Doreen Stephens. Alan was the male vocalist with the Billy Cotton Band for 40 years and was known as 'the man with the sunshine in his voice' which is a nice epithet to have. Billy was of course better known as one of Britain's long serving bandleaders and a regular every Saturday night on the BBC. He opened every show with his famous cry 'Wakey Wakey' followed by his theme tune 'Somebody Stole My Gal'. He was still popular when the final show was transmitted in 1968. Billy Cotton died in 1969 but Alan survived him until 1980.
Using Whelks as a motif maybe my regular contributors to the NRE could come up with more song titles that include seafood. There are the obvious ones such as 'Cockles & Mussels' - Traditional : 'Pulling Mussels from A Shell' - Squeeze but any more suggestions to add to the archive would be appreciated.

I am also indebted to The Desmond Carrington Show on BBC Radio 2 (every Tue 1900-2000) for introducing me to this wonderful song.

Billy Cotton Band - The Whelk Song.mp3

'If you don't want the whelks don't muck `em abaht - And move yer pram and let the others in (You're blocking the doorway) - Lovely two eyed kippers, take `em for the nippers - Take a hake or a nice cod steak - Roes or trout for the old man's gout'

All recordings are for your audio pleasure only but if you are offended by the material or want the audio segment removed then please leave a comment on the relevant post and I will remove it.

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