Sunday, April 16, 2006

Beware Moguera, The Giant Robot

Perhaps the greatest ever Garage Rock single and perhaps the best Farfisa organ riff ever recorded. Rudy Martinez's (he of the question mark moniker) And The Mysterians (a mob of Tex-Mex youngsters) single hit the top of the Billboard charts in 1966 when it was released on Allen Klein's Cameo Parkway label.
It was orginally to be called Too Many Teardrops with the lyric ' Cryin' 69 tears' but the band changed the title and the digits and the rest is history. Allen Klein later refused to reissue 96 Tears so it was rerecorded by the band in 1997.
The track was no.8 in Mojo Magazines ' The 100 Singles You Must Own' list.

? And The Mysterians - 96 Tears.mp3

'You're way on top now - Since you left me - You're always laughin' - Way down out me'

The Mysterians was a Japanese sci-fi movie from 1957. Featuring a group of helmeted, caped space wanderers from the planet Mysteroid. They came to Earth from a temporary base on the far side of the moon (not the dark side Floyd lovers).

The Mysterians themselves are pure Flash Gordon bad guys, villains who nod in approval when Earth's puny weapons bite the dust, and rub their hands in anticipation of villages being wiped out by Mysterian-made floods. When Earth finally wins the intruders crawl back to their saucers and flee to their retreating space station.

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