Friday, April 14, 2006

(He Must Have Been) Quite A Guy

This is by far the longest track to be excavated from the archives and posted in the NRE clocking in at a mighty 6 mins and 32 seconds but in my opinion is worth every second.
The Colorblind James Experience orginally hailed from Rochester, NY. They were a seven piece lineup led by 'Colorblind' James (Chuck) Cuminale. He sang and played the vibraphone.
'Considering' was on their debut and self titled LP from 1987. The band found some limited success in the UK & Europe after some heavy radio exposure led by John Peel and Andy Kershaw. The music contained many different elements including those lost NRE favourites such as Polka and Cocktail Jazz.
They often performed acoustic sets as 'The Death Valley Boys' and went on to record around eight albums. Following the tradition of recent posts I have to inform you that James died in July, 2001 in his swimming pool reportedly from heart failure, aged 49.
Other famous vibraphone players include Jazz great Lionel Hampton and Milt Jackson from the Modern Jazz Quartet.

The Colorblind James Experience - Considering A Move To Memphis.mp3

'Somedays I'll order chicken, Somedays I'll order fish, Somedays I'll have piroshkis that's a Polish dish - And after bowling twenty frames, I'll sit and have a beer, Perhaps I'll meet a pretty girl, Who is a barmaid there'

I'm Considering - I'm Considering'

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