Friday, April 14, 2006

Well I Ain't No Chubby Checker

Today we are back in the world of 'twisty' R&B songs. It is hard to find very much information about this artist. I know he was born in New Orleans in 1940 and in the 1960's he was a moderately succesful songwriter. Jack collaborated with Otis 'Bumps' Blackwell writing the classic Jerry Lee Lewis song 'Great Balls Of Fire'.
Otis Blackwell was in at the beginning writing 'Don't Be Cruel' & 'Return To Sender' both were massive hits for Elvis.


This song was the B-Side to 'The Wiggle' which was issued in 1962 on Belgium's Ronnex Records. Other than that I know no other facts about Jack and I'm not even sure if that's his real name. 'The Wiggle' & 'Wiggling Fool' can also be found on the CD's Las Vegas Grind Volume's 2 & 3.
Listen for the wonderful organ and hanclaps solo in the middle !! wow

Jack Hammer - Wiggling Fool.mp3

'Well I used to do The Slop - Then I did The Bop - But now I do The Wiggle - 'Cause I want to be the top'.

'I ain't no Joey Dee but I rock 'em at The Peppermint Lounge'

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steffungawa said...

nice blog and nice track !!!
but : i´ve been searchin hi & low for another jack hammer track called
"down in the subway"-a really wonderful suicid song which seems to have been released only on some scandinavian jack hammer lp in the 60´s. where oh where can i find that one ???
p.s. soft cell did a coverversion back in the 80´s...
thanks & keep the faith
steff ungawa