Monday, May 29, 2006

Here Come The Swells

I am celebrating the rise of the English singer-songwriter again today. New Zealand born but raised in Kingston Upon Thames Peter Bruntnell has been on the alternative scene for awhile now periodically releasing albums of fine quality music. He plays quiet meditative rock with a slight Alt-Country edge. His first LP 'Cannibal' 1995 was titled the Peter Bruntnell Combination to relect the band playing on the record but since then he has issued albums in his own right including 'Camelot in Smithereens' 1997, 'Normal For Bridgewater' 1999 and then 'Ends Of The Earth' 2003 from which this track is taken.
It was given Americana album of the month by UK music magazine 'Mojo' and when reviewed by 'Uncut' magazine they stated that 'Rio Tinto' would be a monster hit in a just world.
His current album 'Ghost In A Spitfire' received further good reviews.

Peter Bruntnell - Rio Tinto.mp3

'If your driving in to Kingston and you're worried about the dust- Sit in the shade and drink lemonade - There ain't no need to fuss'

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