Sunday, May 28, 2006

Shake Some Action

Beginning in San Francisco in 1965, playing greasy, bluesy, rock and roll the Groovies were destined to always remain on the fringes of mainstream American rock. They anticipated the later power pop movement of the 1970's and as they always seemed to have a larger more appreciative audience in Europe they moved to England in 1972. Andrew Lauder signed them to his Sire label and Dave Edmunds was brought in to produce.

Their greatest moment though was the 'Teenage Head' LP released in August 1971 on Karma Sutra records. Drawing on 50's Rock and Roll as well as such contempary influences as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones the subsequent LP was often compared to a more teenage version of 'Sticky Fingers'. The band continued well into the 1980's and even managed to be deported from England for possessing offensive weapons and cocaine.
Other recommended listening - Shake Some Action (76) & Flamin' Groovies Now (78).

The Flamin' Groovies - Teenage Head.mp3

I'm a monster
got a revved up teenage head.
Teenage monster
California born and bred.
Half a boy and half a man
I'm half at sea and half on land, oh my
Got a woman,
she's my hopped up high school queen.
She's my woman,
she's a teenage love machine.
She knows how to turn me on
and get me high and get it on and on,
yeah she does.

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