Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tape Is Rolling........Go Ahead

Years ago the NRE would purchase bundles of cheap 45's from a second hand record store in Twickenham, Middx. Priced between 50p - £2 we would buy anything American, slightly odd, any group with a weird name or just a single that had a great cover. This is how we ended up with The Frampton Brothers - Do The Chair (A-Side)/I Wanna Be (Your Furniture) (B-Side).
The FB's were a Pittsburgh based band (they weren't related and none of the group were called Frampton) in fact they were led by an Ed Masley. The band were very active in the 90's releasing LP's entitled 'File Under F For Failure', 'Don't Fall Asleep....Horrible Things Will Happen' and 'I Am Curious (George). They split in 1997, Ed formed The Breakup Society and this single on Pop Llama Records is the only recording by the group in the archive.

The Frampton Brothers - I wanna Be (Your Furniture) B-Side

The Frampton Brothers-I Wanna Be (Your Furniture).mp3

'I could be your lampshade - I could be your snack tray - I could be your chair'

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