Thursday, May 18, 2006

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This track was released on Stiff Records (BUY 012) in 1977. It was Max Wall's version of a song written by Ian Dury called 'England's Glory'. It is a roll call one assumes of everything Dury liked about England and where he could get English names, places, foods and personalities to rhyme within the framework of the lyric. Amongst the many Stiff singles that never sold this 'list' song deserves a special mention as it is in the same vein as Dury's later hit 'Reasons To Be Cheerful'. The track later surfaced as a live version by Ian & The Blockheads on the 'New Boots & Panties' remastered bonus CD.
Ian was a well known figure in the music biz so with this post I shall concentrate on Max Wall.
Max Wall was born Maxwell Lorrimer on 12th March, 1908 in Brixton. His parents Jock and Stella were stars of the music hall so he was probably destined to make the stage his career.
In 1919 he was nearly killed when a gas bomb from a German Zeppelin exploded and destroyed their house. The explosion killed his younger brother but Max was saved by his metal framed bed, which protected him from falling masonry. He became a comedian and is well remembered for his most successful creation Professor Wallofski. He later became well known because of his many appearances on TV and was described as 'the funniest comedian in the world'. Max died on 21st May, 1990 after a fall at Simpson's in the Strand. He was buried at Highgate Cemetery.
As usual I have printed some lyrics to the song but to match the spirit of today's post I have left you with a few couplets of Englishness from within the NRE.

English Bitter & Spam Fritters,
Stonehenge, The M1 & Penge
Desmond Carrington, The Crombie & The Harrington
Routemasters, Sticky Plasters,
Village Tea Shops & Top Of The Pops
Pick & Mix, Brian Rix,
Pie, Mash & Liquor & Alan Whicker

Rhubard Crumble, Mustn't Grumble & Don't Complain

Max Wall - England's Glory.mp3

There are jewels in the crown of England's glory
And every jewel shines a thousand ways
Frankie Howerd, Noel Coward and garden gnomes, Frankie Vaughan, Kenneth Horne, Sherlock Holmes, Monty, Biggles and Old King Cole. In the pink or on the dole, Oliver Twist and Long John Silver,Captain Cook and Nelly Dean,Enid Blyton, Gilbert Harding,Malcolm Sargeant, Graham Greene
All the jewels in the crown of England's glory- Too numerous to mention, but a few and every one could tell a different storyand show old England's glory something new.
Nice bit of kipper and Jack the Ripper and Upton Park, Gracie, Cilla, Maxy Miller, Petula Clark, Winkles, Woodbines, Walnut Whips,Vera Lynn and Stafford Cripps, Lady Chatterley, Muffin the Mule, Winston Churchill, Robin Hood, Beatrix Potter, Baden-Powell,Beecham's powders, Yorkshire pud
With Billy Bunter, Jane Austen,Reg Hampton, George Formby, Billy Fury, Little Titch.Uncle Mac, Mr. Pastry and all.
All the jewels in the crown of England's glory- Too numerous to mention, but a few and every one could tell a different storyand show old England's glory something new
Somerset Maugham, Top Of The Form with the Boys' Brigade, Mortimer Wheeler, Christine Keeler and the Board of Trade, Henry Cooper, wakey wakey, England's labour, Standard Vanguard, spotted dick, England's workers.

Looks like a young Paul Merton with a 'Max Wall Wig' !!

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